Serving @ Procter

Want to get involved at Procter? We'd love for you to serve! When we serve others we are following the example of our Lord, and glorifying him. He wants us to reflect his light by serving like he would. At Procter, we have many areas where you could volunteer and make a difference in others' lives. We care about people at our church, in our area, and around the world, and genuinely want to see peoples' lives bettered by God's love.

If you are interested in serving, check around the site at our different ministries and find a way for you to fit in. You can also call the church office to see where you could serve.

Here are some of our Servants at Procter Baptist Church:


Deacon Fellowship:

Our Deacon Fellowship serves to assist our pastor in the daily work of the church.  They have ministry teams to assist the widows and elderly members of the church.  In particular they keep in contact with these wonderful people and see to it that their needs are being met.  In case of an emergency such as evacuations, hurricanes, floods, or freezes, our deacons make sure that these people are never left behind if they have no family to help.  They also serve in the spiritual capacity of ministering through the Lord's Supper, comfort and prayer during illness, and encouragement.  The chairman of our Deacon Fellowship is Michael Bankston and can be reached by calling the church office or email him. (Go back to top of page)

Counseling and Prayer:

Our pastor and staff have training in many fields of counseling.  We offer help in pre-marital, marital, divorce, relational, grief, and most importantly, spiritual counseling. In the event that we cannot assist with a person's needs, we have a list of committed and dedicated counselors, physicians, and others who can help.  We can always pray for anyone who just seeks some solace and wisdom through God's Word.  If you have a particular question that you would like our pastor to address, please contact him at by calling the church or by emailing him.


Questions about our church library can be addressed be emailed here.

Homebound Ministries:

Please contact our Deacon Fellowship or the church office if assistance is needed.  You may call 409-722-8097 or Email the church.


Call or Visit Procter

Procter Baptist Church
4401 Jimmy Johnson Blvd.
Port Arthur, TX 77642

(409) 722-8097

Church Office Hours:
Monday-Thursday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Friday 8:30 to 12:00 noon

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